2. Margaret Howe’s Family Tree – Hicks and White

Margaret Howe, b. 1778 in Surrey, England, d. 15-12-1837 in Castlereagh.  Tried 9 Aug 1802 at Guildford, Surrey, Sentence: 7 years. Transported on the Experiment, which sailed with the Coromandel – initially leaving 4.12.1803, but having to return for repairs, then leaving 2.1.1804  and arriving 12.6.1804. Margaret’s crime is unknown. May or may not have married Richard Hicks.

The muster of 1806 states Margaret is housekeeper to Richard Hicks. The muster of 1814 states Margaret is wife of Richard Hicks.  Details on Richard (James) Hicks : b. 1785 in Kent, England, d. 1852 in Mulgoa, Penrith.  Richard: Convicted at Kent Quarter Sessions (Maidstone ) for a term of 7 years on 03 October 1797.

She married (1) Thomas White, married 03-04-1819 in St Luke’s, Liverpool, b. 1775 in Cork, Ireland, occupation Sawyer, d. 1829 in sinking of the Foxhound.  Thomas arrived as James White, transported for life  from Ireland in 1803 on the “Rolla” – 1, 2. The “Rolla” was a ship transporting Irish rebels after the 1798 rising, although Thomas was not listed as an Irish Rebel, nor is his crime known – this is common for many Irish convicts of that time. Thomas: Died 1829 when the ‘Foxhound’ sank off Coalcliff. The wreckage was reported to authorities by “Charcoal” Will the chief of the tribe at Bulli.

  1. Sarah Mary Hicks, (daughter of Richard (James) Hicks and Margaret Howe) b. 1806 in South Creek, NSW, d. 20-11-1880 in Nepean/Penrith.  She was with Constable Dransfield (who was dismissed from his position) and a certain William Bristow in late 1828. She married (1) George Hurst, married 1823 in St Marys, Sydney.  George: may have died 1852.   She married (2) Joseph Herbert, married 1855 in CofE Castlereagh – Richmond, b. 5-08-1795 in Parramatta (son of John Herbert and Deborah H Ellam), d. 13-09-1886 in Castlereagh.
    1. Mary Anne Herbert, (daughter of Joseph Herbert and Sarah Mary Hicks) b. 1833.
    2. Charles Herbert, (son of Joseph Herbert and Sarah Mary Hicks) b. 1846. He married Anne Frazer, 17-04-1869, b. 17-02-1848 in Castlereagh, d. 14-06-1922 in Clandulla.
      1. Elizabeth Ann Herbert, b. 1870 in Mudgee, d. 12-05-1960 in 87 St Thomas Street, Picnic Point.  Father /on BDM list as Herbert C in first name field. She married Sloper Charles Potts, 18-08-1888 in Mudgee
        1. Sloper Charles Potts, b. 9-12-1889 in Mudgee, d. 12-10-1954 in Wauchope . He married Irene Muriel Miskle, married 20-02-1912 in Mudgee, b. 29-01-1891 in Rylstone, d. 11-0-9-1940 in Wauchope.
          1. George Herbert Potts, b. 9-04-1913 in Mudgee, d. 27-06-1955 in Wauchope
          2. Douglas Claude Potts, b. 18-05-1917 in Mudgee, d. 10-10-1990 in Mudgee
          3. Florence Victoria Potts, b. 5-02-1920 in Mudgee, d. 6-04-2002 in Wauchope
          4. Leslie Allan Potts, b. 27-03-1922 in Wauchope, d. 31-12-1957 in Mudgee
          5. Stanley Dudley Potts, b. 17-09-1924 in Dingo Creek, d. 3-08-2008 in Wauchope
        2. Nicholas Padget Potts, b. 20-10-1893 in Ilford, d. 8-05-1978 in Liverpool
        3. Dorothy Mabel Potts, b. 31-12-1898 in Mudgee, d. 14-07-1993 in Blacktown.
        4. Abel Tyson Clarence Potts, b. 12-07-1903 in Mudgee, d. 13-05-1990 in Seven Hills.
        5. Ivy Irene Potts, b. 25-09-1908 in Mudgee, d. 30-12-1999 in Mudgee.
        6. Leo William Potts, b. 12-11-1911 in Mudgee, d. 31-08-1992 in Mudgee
      2. John Charles Herbert, b. 23-06-1873 in Castlereagh, d. 1947 in Harris Park. He married Caroline Elizabeth Williams, married 1903 in Ashfield.
        1. Athol Richard Herbert, b. 28-04-1904 in Ashfield, d. 20-11-1942 in WW2.
        2. John Eric Herbert, b. 14-02-1907 in Wagga Wagga, d. 30-04-1979 in Parramatta
        3. Edward Charles Herbert, b. 23-08-1908 in West Maitland, d. 10-01-1988 in Toongabbie
        4. Roy Herbert, b. 14-12-1911 in Werris Creek, d. 14-10-1986 in Granville
        5. Lottie Nita Herbert, b. 8-10-1914 in Granville, d. 3-09-1933 in Granville
        6. Beryl Jean Herbert, b. 15-12-1920 in Harris Park, d. 20-07-2006 in Sanctuary Point

      3. Sarah J Herbert, b. 1876 in Mudgee
      4. Joseph Alfred Herbert, b. 16-05-1877 in Clandulla, d. 1919 in Parramatta. He married Mary Ann Caddis, 30-08-1899 in Rylstone
        1. Grace Madeline Herbert, b. 19-11-1900 in Rylestone, d. 1984
        2. Wallace James Herbert, b. 27-05-1901 in Rylstone, d. 1950 in Parramatta
        3. Charles William Herbert, b. 24-07-1903 in Rylestone, d. 1964 in Burwood
        4. Eileen Elizabeth Herbert, b. 20-08-1909 in Newtown, d. ??-06-2005 in Tamworth
      5. Mary Jane Herbert, b. 20-10-1879 in Clandulla, d. 9-08-1948 in Kandos. She married George William Besant, 1901 in Newtown
        1. Leslie Charles William Besant, b. 14-07-1901 in Wollongong, d. 13-10-1976 in Clandulla
        2. Alton Alpine Robert Besant, b. 1904 in Mudgee, d. 22-01-1970 in Rylstone
        3. Wallace Richard Besant, b. 4-05-1905 in Rylstone, d. 20-08-1971 in Cambridge Park.

        4. Arthur Henry Holbert Besant, b. 1908 in Rylstone, d. 23-11-1983
        5. Robert John Frazer Besant, b. 5-09-1911 in Parramatta, d. 24-09-1982 in Rooty Hill.
        6. Allen Eric Besant, b. 26-03-1918 in Rylstone, d. 31-03-1995
      6. Henry Barton Herbert, b. 5-12-1883 in Rylstone
      7. William Sloper Herbert, b. 2-08-1886 in Mudgee, d. 8-06-1929 in Redfern
      8. Wallace Frazer Herbert, b. 22-10-1889 in Rylstone, d. 29-05-1966 in Kandos
      9. Robert James Herbert, b. 5-01-1891 in Rylstone, d. 1962 in Parramatta. He married Eliza Esmiralda Malenfant, married 1912 in Chatswood
      10. Clara Laura Herbert, b. 16-06-1892 in Clandulla, d. 6-05-1972 in Parramatta. She married (1) James Edward Slapp, married 30-06-1909 in Rylstone, b. 7-05-1881 in Cudgegong, d. 30-01-1928 in Sydney. She married (2) Reginald Leigh Boxsell, married 1940 in Granville, b. 27-10-1909 in Chatswood, d. 5-05-1972 in Parramatta
        1. John Herbert Slapp, b. 6-04-1910 in Rylstone, d. 17-03-1979 in Auburn. (? married Clara Frances Banyard in 1938 ?)
        2. James William Slapp, b. 25-04-1912 in Rylstone, d. 24-04-1992 in Bundaberg, QLD. (? married Una May Stevens in 1940 ?)
        3. Alfred Henry Slapp, b. 2-07-1914 in Rylstone, d. 19-08-1992 in Gosford (? married Thelma Gwendoline Jones in 1940 ?)
        4. Charles Robert Slapp,  b. 13-08-1916 in Clandulla, d. 28-03-2002 in Kiama Downs (? married Gladys Elsie Hart in 1939 ?)
        5. George Wilfred Slapp, b. 1919 in Clandulla, d. 15-02-1937 in Parramatta – never married ?
    3.  Alfred Herbert, b. 1848, d. 1931 in Granville.
  2. James Hicks – refer here & its associated pages for details on James Hicks’ children. , (son of Richard (James) Hicks and Margaret Howe) b. 01-03-1810 in Windsor NSW, d. 15-06-1895 in Bulli/Thirroul, NSW, occupation Farmer Gentleman. He married Margaret Daley, married 10-11-1834 in Penrith, Parish of Castlereagh, b. ??-??-1819 in Sydney (daughter of Thomas Brain and Ann Daley), d. 18-11-1905 in Thirroul, NSW.  Margaret: aka Brean/Brain. In 1841 Census is listed as resident in Pitt Town County Cumberland, District of Windsor
    1. Henry Thomas Hicks, b. 08-08-1836 in Penrith, Parish of Castlereagh, d. 28-03-1909 in Thirroul, buried 29-03-1909 in CofE Cemetry Bulli, occupation Farmer.  Father given as John on BDM. He married Mary Anne McKenzie, married 05-11-1861 in Woonona, b. 00-12-1839 in Fairy Meadow (daughter of Alexander McKenzie and Anne MacLean), d. 23-02-1930 in Thirroul, buried 25-02-1930 in St Augustine’s CofE Cemetery, Bulli, occupation Farmers Daughter
      1. Anne Hicks, b. 08-06-1862 in Reg Wollongong, d. ??-??-1862
      2. Catherine Hicks, b. 08-06-1862 in Reg Wollongong, d. ??-??-1862
      3. James Alexander Hicks, b. 04-08-1863 in Reg Wollongong, d. 1839 in Burwood . He married Edith Jones (d. 1839 in Burwood), married 1890 in Woonona .
        1. Leila M E Hicks, b. 1891 in Woonona, d. 1932 in Newtown . She married Cecil J Lock, married 1927 in Sydney
      4. Margaret “Maggie” Minnie Hicks, b. 03-01-1865 in Alstonville, d. 25-05-1952. She married Alfred Cook, married ??-??-1899 in Woonona, d. 25-03-1930 in Ballina.
        1. George Wilfred Cook, b. 1900 in Woonona, d. 1986.  Put his age up by 2 years in 1918 to enlist in WWI but was discharged after 13 days when he was found to be underage
        2. Marjory Allison Cook, b. 1901 in Ballina, d. 1978 in Harbord. She married Angus M Rummery, married 1926 in Lismore, b. 1903 in Casino, d. 1958 in Sydney
        3. Gladys M Cook, b. 1906 in Ballina, d. 1996.  Married Alexander Saunders (b 1901 d 1979) m in Ballina in 1923
        4. Alfred Edward Cook, b. 1907 in Ballina, d. 1948 in QLD reg 1948/C2595.  Married Elvy S Corderoy in 1933 at Ballina
      5. Alexander James Hicks, b. 14-08-1866 in Reg Wollongong, d. 30-07-1957 . He married Esther Mary Armstrong, married 23-02-1884, b. ??-??-1864, d. 06-12-1918.
        1. Henry Thomas Hicks, b. 1888 in VIC?, d. 19-05-1951 in 18 Gladstone Street, Bexley. He married Eleanor May Smith, married 1913 in Adelong, b. 23-02-1889 in Penrith, d. ??-01-1970 in Sydney
        2. George Alexander Hicks died in 1965 in Sutherland
        3. Ida Hicks, b. 1891 in Woonona, d. 1966 in Balgownie She married James H Truscott, married 1914 in Wollongong, b. 1886, d. 1922.
          1. Lewis Hector Truscott ?
          2. Daughter Truscott
        4. William Hector Hicks, b. 1900 in Woonona/Balgownie, d. 27-10-1969 in Strathfield
        5. Mary Elise Hicks, b. 05-04-1893 in Wollongong, d. 17-03-1969 in Bulli. She married Thomas Claude Bell, married 1915 in Wollongong.
          1. Kenneth Bell ( – 1928 20191/1928)
          2. Eric Claude Bell married Doreen Smith in Bulli in 1941 – NSW BDM – 18003/1941
            1. Graeme Carl Bell (1949-2010 in Thailand)
            2. Son
            3. Daughter
            4. Daughter
      6. Henry William Hicks (1868-1873)
      7. Unknown Male Hicks (1869-1869)
      8. Mary Alice “Biddy” Hicks (9.1.1871-5.9.1945) married in Ashfield 1929 Alexander Cook (1868 ? – 1933 buried Alstonville) – (nb his second marriage was after death of his first wife Alexina McKenzie in Ballina in 1926, when she was aged 73 years)
      9. George Hicks, b. 19-01-1873 in Wollongong, d. 1956 in Chatswood. He married Lucy “Lou” Anne Keene, married 1899 in Glebe.  Lucy Keene at Glebe 1899
        1. Winifred May Hicks, b. 1902 in Paddington, d. 1974 in Randwick. He married Arthur W C Davis, married 1924 in Lismore, b. 1897, d. 1975
          1. Son1 Davis
          2. Son2 Davis
          3. Bruce Frederick Davis, b. 13-08-1926 in Ballina, d. 16-01-1993 in Canberra, ACT. He married Eileen Frances McKeon, b. 7-06-1920 in Mackay, QLD, d. 24-12-2009 in Canberra, ACT
        2. Joyce Allison Hicks, b. 1912 in Lismore, d. 1984. She married Godfrey Keith Weir, married 1932 in North Sydney, d. 1975
      10. Christina Ann Hicks, b. 04-02-1875 in North Bulli, d. 26-10-1951 in Lismore.  Ian Woolley has her born 2/9/1875. She married Edward Richard Woolley, married 26-01-1903 in Thirroul, b. 23-11-1870 in North Arm, Richmond River, d. 02-09-1935 in Binna Burra, Byron Shire, NSW, buried 03-09-1935 in Byron Bay.  Edward: Edwin R Woolley on marriage index
        1. Unnamed Woolley, b. 1903, d. 1903
        2. Mary Thelma Woolley, b. 29-09-1907 in Tregeagle, NSW, d. 26-03-1982 in Lismore, buried 29-03-1982 in Lismore. She married William Henry Allan Harris, married 06-04-1929 in Bangalow, NSW, b. 21-05-1906 in Sth Lismore, d. 13-06-1985 in East Coraki, NSW
          1. Rae Allyn Harris, b. 31-08-1929 in Lismore
          2. Neville Edwin Allan Harris, b. 19-06-1931 in Lismore
          3. Patricia Dawn Harris, b. 17-07-1932 in Lismore
          4. Thelma Ann Harris, b. c1933 in Lismore, d. c1935
          5. Mary Lynette Harris, b. 22-10-1937 in Lismore
          6. Douglas John Harris, b. 17-11-1939 in Lismore, d. 20-06-1983 in Lismore, buried in Lismore
        3. Muriel Lucy Woolley, b. 06-07-1917 in Tregeagle. She married (1) Harry Julian, married 06-07-1936 in Lismore, d. 29-12-1941. She married (2) David William McKenzie, married 27-01-1947 in Byron Bay
      11. Henry Thomas Hicks, b. 28-04-1877, d. 1946 in Kogarah.  Owned “Glen Roy” in Station St Thirroul. Was a Captain in Army during WWI. He married Eva Kate Bottomley, married 1898 in Newtown, d. 1944 in Woollahra
        1. Elsie E Hicks, b. 1898 in Joajda Creek, d. 1971 in Parramatta. She married Robert Rankin, married 1921 in Bulli. – Elsie was living at Brooklyn at time of her mother’s death in 1944
        2. Unnamed Hicks (1900 Woonona – 1900)
        3. Henry “Harry” Marshall Hicks (- ) living at Cronulla at time of his mother’s death in 1944
          1. A grandchild Ian George Hicks at the time of Eva’s death notice in 1944)
          2. Daughter
      12. Edith Florence Hicks, b. 25-03-1880 in Austinmer, North Bulli, d. 09-04-1958 in Bulli, buried in St Augustines, Bulli. She married John Charles Joy, married 11-09-1901 in St Augustines, Bulli, b. 26-12-1873 in Darlington NSW (son of Alfred George Joy and Jeanett Newlands), d. 24-02-1910 in Bulli, buried in St Augustines, Bulli, occupation Law Clerk & Local Government Auditor (Penshurst Council)
        1. Kenneth Charles Joy, b. 1902 in Reg @ Husrtville, d. 19-05-1952 in Unanderra.  Put his age up to enlist in Navy in 1917. He married Marjorie Louisa Tollner, married 12-09-1936, b. 29-10-1915, d. 2002.
          1. Margaret Edith Joy, b. 22-09-1937. She married Allan Thomas John Risk, married 24-10-1959 in St Davids CofE, Thirroul, b. 26-01-1938
            1. Daughter
            2. Son
            3. Daughter
          2. Kenneth William Joy, b. 27-08-1942. He married Carol Hayes, married 26-03-1968 in CofE, Figtree, b. 12-07-1948
            1. Son
            2. Son
          3. Kathleen Elizabeth Joy, b. 30-10-1945 in Coledale. She married (1) S Ryan, married 21-12-1963 in St Davids, Thirroul. She married (2) Alan Johnson, married 29-03-1969 in Bulli, b. 26-11-1942
            1. Son
            2. Son
            3. Son
        2. Mary Constance Joy, b. 04-01-1906 in Penshurst, d. 04-06-1960 in Waterfall, buried in St Augustines, Bulli.  aka Molly. She married Louis Russell Freeman Callcott, married 30-11-1929 in St Augustines, Bulli, b. 28-12-1903 in Lyndhurst/Carcoar (son of Alfred Freeman Callcott and Lucy Midson), d. 06-06-1985 in Thirroul, buried in Bulli Gen Cem:CE-S2-D-23, occupation Railway Porter – divorced
          1. Ian McKenzie Callcott, b. 01-09-1930 in Enfield. He married Lola Elspeth Martin, married 07-04-1951 in St Augustines CofE, Bulli, b. 05-02-1932, d. 07-04-1993 in Shellharbour
            1. Daughter
            2. Son
          2. Joan Lois Callcott, b. 16-10-1932 in Hornsby, occupation Typist, d. 05-11-2012 in Wollongong. She married Cyril Ross Adams, married 19-12-1953 in St Augustines Anglican Bulli, b. 2-11-1923 in Tweed Heads. d. 17-2-1990 in Bulli, buried 19-2-1990 in St Augustines Anglican Bulli, occupation Painter
            1. Kerrie Anne Adams, b. 13-01-1955 in Bulli, occupation Metallurgist Quality Manager/ex-Alderman. She married David John Christian, married 15-12-1973 in CRC, Wollongong, b. 05-02-1954 in Sydney (son of John Godfrey Tiearney (Christian) and Eunice Adele Green), occupation IT Project Manager
              1. Daughter
            2. Daughter – married
              1. Daughter
              2. Son
            3. Son – married
              1. Daughter
          3. Enid Josephine Callcott, b. 14-03-1935 in Penshurst. She married Keith Lambert Gorton, married 19-12-1952, b. 20-08-1927 – d 2012
            1. Daughter
          4. John Alfred Callcott, b. 04-07-1936 in Lambton. He married Patricia Lynette Barrand, married 09-09-1960 in VIC, b. 23-10-1944
            1. Daughter
            2. Daughter
            3. Son
          5. Joy  Callcott, b. 02-02-1938 in Thirroul. She married Victor James Parks, married 07-02-1959 in Brownsville, b. 02-09-1934
            1. Daughter
            2. Daughter
            3. Daughter
            4. Son
            5. Son
      13. Ida McKenzie Hicks, b. 10-09-1883 in North Bulli registered Woonona? , d. 1967 in St Leonards.  aka Aunty Jummy. She married Arthur Frederick Webb, 1912 in Sydney.  Arthur: born 1887-8 in Hirwaun Wales – son of Frederick Webb & wife Emily Rhys – also grandson of Thomas Webb & wife Clara Lloyd – Frederick & Emily’s family came to Australia in SS Commonwealth in 1907 – died and buried at sea, whilst on cruise in 1966.
        1. Gwyneth “Gwen” Mary Emily Webb, b. 18-10-1912 in Thirroul, d. 1996 in Sydney.  married in Chatswood 1939  Douglass Bradford Stuart
        2. Enid Rhys Webb, b. 1914, d. 1938 in Molong.  In the funeral notice 31 May 1938 listed as second daughter – address No.2 Tessa Street Chatswood – died following horse riding accident
        3. Ida “Mac” McKenzie Webb, b. 1917, d. 1999. She married Gerald Robert Bruce Knox, married 1941 in Chatswood, b. 23-12-1912 in Stroud, d. 1968
          1. Daughter
        4. Frederick Henry Webb, b. 6-11-1918 in Thirroul, d. 1975.  enlisted 2nd AIF (NX130324) Next of Kin was Arthur Webb. He married in Drummoyne 1947 Betty Adele George – lived at Ellengowan property at Manildra near Molong
          1. Daughter
        5. Lois Joy Webb. She married John Willis Godwin (b. 3-12-1923 in Neutral Bay- ), married 22-01-1949 in Drummoyne,
      14. Richard Ernest Hicks, b. 04-09-1887 in Wollongong, d. 1953 in Rockdale. He married Teresa Creevey, married 1913 in Tamworth, b. 1885 in Walcha, d. 6-10-1963 in Rockdale
        1. Marjorie Mary Hicks, d. 1975. She married James Alexander Morely, married 1939 in Bulli
        2. Daphne Josephine Hicks, b. 1913 in Tamworth, d. 2-08-1966 in 23 Alfreda Street, Coogee. She married Victor George Callaghan, married 1939 in Paddington (his second marriage) –
          1. Kevin John Callaghan ( – 1961) – died following bus accident
        3. John Henry Hicks, d. 1954. He married Yvonne Philomena Webb, married 1942 in Bulli
          1. Maree Philomena Hicks ( – ) married in Sydney 1960 Laurence Clay Richards ( – )
        4. Thelma Hicks, d. 1967 in Sydney
    2. William Hicks, b. ??-??-1838, d. 30-01-1885 – died in Moruya following Mill accident in Bega – lived in Bodalla. He married (1) Margaret Southam, married 14-03-1868.  Margaret: nee Jessop – her second marriage – first husband drowned
      1. James Hicks, (son of William Hicks and Margaret Southam) b. 1869 in Broulee, d. 1869 in Broulee
      2. Margaret Minnie Hicks, (daughter of William Hicks and Margaret Southam) b. 1870 in Broulee, d. 1961 in Gunnedah. She married Edward Mitchell, married 1887 in Bega
        1. Edward Mitchell, b. 26-05-1888 in Bega, d. 24-10-1950 in Macksville. He married Nellie Baker, married 4-11-1913 in St Pauls C of E, Coramaba, NSW
          1. Enid Minnie Mitchell, b. 26-08-1914 in Bowraville, d. 30-05-1980 in Wahroonga. She married John Walter Couchman, married 10-05-1938 in Kempsey West, b. 12-02-1907 in Gartton, QLD, d. 13-12-1948 in Wittenoom, WA
          2. Freda Nellie Mitchell, b. 22-08-1915 in Bowraville, d. 21-09-2004 in Penrith. She married Harry Christopher Lawry, married 11-11-1937 in St Barnabas Church, East Orange, b. 26-09-1908 in Lucknow, d. 31-08-1993 in Gosford
          3. Unnamed Mitchell, b. 1916 in Bowraville, d. 1916
          4. Eileen Florence Mitchell, b. 26-06-1919 in Bowraville, d. 29-04-1921 in Bowraville
          5. Dulcie Margaret Mitchell, b. 19-01-1921 in Bowraville, d. 4-03-2004 in Wyoming Aged Care Facility. She married Frederick Carrington Bowditch, married 22-07-1947 in Lane Cove, b. 1-07-1910 in Barmedman, d. 18-10-1987 in Gosford
        2. Doris (Dot) Margaret Mitchell, b. 1890 in Bega. Died Ashfield 1960. She married in Burwood 1918 Cyril Anthony Clement Tyter (1897 Burwood – 1987
          1. Cyril Anthony Edward Tyter (1920-1985) married in Waverley 1941 Beryl Veronica Ragen
        3. Constance Mitchell, b. 1893 in Bega. She married in Burwood 1921 Cyril Herbert  Oldham ( born in New Zealand ?- 1980) -did the Oldham’s separate or divorce as no mention of Cyril in Constance’s death notice even though he was still alive
          1. Shirley Margaret Mitchell married in Ashfield 1945  Alan Charles George
        4. William J (Comboyne) Mitchell, b. 1895 in Bega
      3. Alice Eulalie Hicks, (daughter of William Hicks and Margaret Southam) b. 1872 in Broulee, d. 1950 in Newtown.  Never Married
      4. Florence Eva Hicks, (daughter of William Hicks and Margaret Southam) b. 1874 in Broulee, d. 1960 in Penrith. She married Francis J Fredericks, married 1910 in Sydney, d. 1950
        1. Harold Milton Fredericks
      5. Joseph Henry Hicks, (son of William Hicks and Margaret Southam) b. 1875 in Broulee, d. 1960 in Sydney – note after his father’s death in 1885 he lived with his Uncle HenryThomas Hicks in North Bulli for 18 months ?. He married (1) Emma Algar, married 1898 in QLD as Henry Hicks, d. 1956 in QLD. He married (2) Kate May Young War Shang, married 1957 in Sydney
        1. Muriel Emma Louise Hicks, (daughter of Joseph Henry Hicks and Emma Algar) b. 1899 in Charters Towers QLD. She married in Queensland George Albert Shields
        2. Vera Hicks, (daughter of Joseph Henry Hicks and Emma Algar) b. 1902 in Charters Towers QLD. She married in Queensland Victor Hugh Steele
        3. Henry Algar Cahill Hicks, (son of Joseph Henry Hicks and Emma Algar) b. 1905 in Charters Towers QLD
        4. Henry Joseph Hicks, (son of Joseph Henry Hicks and Kate May Young War Shang) b. 1913 in QLD died 1983 in Queensland – married Edna Booten (1912-1992)
        5. Albert Jessop Hicks, (son of Joseph Henry Hicks and Kate May Young War Shang) b. 1914 in QLD, d. 1983 in QLD
        6. Sydney Hicks, (son of Joseph Henry Hicks and Kate May Young War Shang) d. 1982 Cairns
          1. Marilyn Hicks married Ian McDonald
      6. Mary J (NSW BDM 10115/1878 ) in 1878 – Broulee – d. 1920. Married Laurence ??
      7. Annie Isabella Hicks, (daughter of William Hicks and Margaret Southam) b. 1880 in Bega, d. 1961 in Murwillumbah. She married Alfred Bowman, married 1904 in Sydney
        1. Gladys B Bowman, b. 1906 in Murwillumbah
      8. William J Hicks, (son of William Hicks and Margaret Southam) b. 1882 in Bega, d. 1958 in Petersham. Chaplain in WWI – serious head injury. He married Effie Muriel Blow, married 1914 in Murwillumbah, b. 1890, d. 1968
      9. Richard J Hicks, (son of William Hicks and Margaret Southam) b. 1884 in Bega, d. 1940 in Pt Macquarie.  Never Married
    3. Richard Hicks, b. 11-04-1840 in Windsor, d. 1921 in Lismore. He married Emma Payne, married 28-11-1867 in Wollongong, b. 1848 in Brisbane, Qld, d. 1925 in Lismore.
      1. Frances Hicks, b. 1868 in Wollongong, d. 1939 in Tamworth. She married Isaac Whereat, married 1905 in Lismore
        1. Alice E Whereat, b. 1906 in Tenterfield
        2. Bessie L Whereat, b. 1907 in Tenterfield
      2. Annie Hicks, b. 1868 in Wollongong, d. 1933 in Lismore. She married Bruce Thompson, married 1891 in Lismore
        1. William Thompson, b. 1892 in Lismore, d. 1964. He married his cousin Nellie Hicks, married 1919 in Lismore, b. 1896 in Lismore (daughter of John Campbell Hicks and Mary C Geraghty)
      3. John Campbell Hicks, b. 1870 in Wollongong, d. 1941 in Lismore. He married Mary C Geraghty, married 1891 in Lismore
        1. Florence “Florrie” Hicks, b. 1892 in Lismore
        2. Stella Hicks, b. 1894 in Lismore
        3. Nellie Hicks, b. 1896 in Lismore. She married her cousin William Thompson, married 1919 in Lismore, b. 1892 in Lismore (son of Bruce Thompson and Annie Hicks), d. 1964
        4. Dollie Hicks, b. 1899 in Lismore
        5. Minnie Hicks, b. 1900 in Lismore
        6. Emma Hicks, b. 1903 in Lismore
      4. Ada M Hicks, b. 1871 in Wollongong, d. 1938 in Lismore. She married Samuel Rea, married 1899 in Lismore
        1. Doris Rea, b. 1900 in Lismore
        2. John C Rea, b. 1908 in Lismore. He married Emily I Tickle, married 1929 in Lismore
      5. Benjamin Hicks, b. 1873 in Wollongong, d. 1917 in Murwillumbah. He married Doris Amelia Augusta Ohlsen, married 1902 in QLD, b. 1884, d. 1961
        1. Richard Hicks, b. 1903 in QLD
        2. Raymond Campbell Hicks, b. 1907 in QLD
        3. Clarence Harold Hicks, b. 1909 in QLD
        4. Edna Hicks, b. 1912 in Murwillumbah
      6. Jane Hicks, b. 1875 in Wollongong, d. 1948 in Ballina. She married Arthur G Smith, married 1907 in Lismore
        1. Effie J Smith, b. 1908 in Lismore
        2. Beryl Smith, b. 1912 in Lismore
      7. Margaret T Hicks, b. 1877 in Wollongong, d. 1903 in Glen Innes. She married William S Barton, married 1900 in Lismore
        1. William M Barton, b. 1901 in Lismore
        2. Alice E Barton, b. 1903 in Glen Innes
      8. Alice Emma Hicks, b. 1879 in Wollongong, d. 1964 in Casino.  3 children. She married Cyril H Smith, married 1912 in Lismore
      9. Henry “Harry” Hicks, b. 1881 in Woonona, d. 1944 in Lismore. He married Anna May King, married 1906 in Murwillumbah, b. 1885, d. 1955
        1. Murray Campbell Hicks, b. 1907 in Lismore
        2. Henry Keith Hicks, b. 1909 in Murwillumbah, d. 1981 in Brisbane, Qld. He married Muriel Edith Pepper, married 1938 in Lismore, b. 1911 in Murwillumbah, d. 1981 in Brisbane, Qld
        3. Ethel Doris Hicks, b. 1917, d. 1999. She married Norman David Richardson, b. 1913, d. 1969
        4. Richard Rex Hicks, b. 1924, d. 1999
      10. Arthur Hicks, b. 1884 in Lismore, d. 1950 in Lismore. He married Eleanor May Murray, married 1902 in Sydney
        1. Arthur John Hicks, b. 1903 in Glebe, d. 1959 in Burwood
        2. Richard Hicks, b. 1906 in Lismore
        3. Elsie E Hicks, b. 1906 in Cobar
        4. Margaret Hicks, b. 1908 in Lismore
        5. Grace Hicks, b. 1910 in Lismore
    4. Ann Hicks b. 15-10-1843 (Para Meadow, d. 1924 Murwillumbah – buried Banner St Cemetery MurwillumbahShe married Benjamin Broadhead, married 1864 in Wollongong, b. 1834 in Sheffield, d. 1921 Murwillumbah – buried Banner St Cemetery Murwillumbah. Lived in Canada before coming to NSW Australia.  (Note- Benjamin Broadhead was a brother of Samuel Broadhead and uncle to William Broadhead & Alfred Broadhead in the Northern Illawarra ??)

      1. Anna “Annie” Louisa Broadhead, b. 1865 in Newcastle, d. 1942. She married Richard Watson, married 1886 in Lismore, b. 1867, d. 1940
        1. Clarice Glascot Watson, b. 1887 in Lismore, d. 1931
        2. Claude Eden Hicks Watson, b. 1889 in Lismore, d. 1965 in Sydney. He married Hettie Harlock, married 1912 in Randwick, b. 1889, d. 1982
          1. Mavis Constance Watson, b. 1914, d. 1975
          2. Dean Harlock Watson, b. 1916, d. 2008
          3. Claude Frederick Watson, b. 1923, d. 1968
      2. Benjamin Harvey Broadhead, b. 1867 in Newcastle, d. 1868
      3. Margaret Minnie Broadhead, b. 1869 in Newcastle, d. 1944. She married William George Aked, married 1901 in Murwillumbah, b. 1876, d. 1958
        1. William Harvey Aked, b. 1902 in Murwillumbah, d. 1972. He married Victoria Angela Johnston, married 1956 in Sydney
        2. Keith Alwyn Aked, b. 1905 in Murwillumbah, d. 1996. He married Jean Goodwin Hutchins, b. 1906, d. 1978
      4. Benjamin Harvey Broadhead, b. 1872 in Newcastle, d. 1956. He married Doris Muriel May Baker, b. 1895, d. 1981
          1. Harvey Benjamin Harry Broadhead, b. 1916, d. 1968
      5. Phoebe Alice Broadhead, b. 1876 in Newcastle/Lambton, d. 1965. She married Charles Sumner Snow, married 1902 in Murwillumbah, b. 1873, d. 1929
        1. Irene May Snow, b. 1903, d. 1972. She married Ronald William Clifford, married 1933 in Byron Bay, b. 1903, d. 1980
          1. Wallace A Clifford, b. 1934
        2. Allan Lemuel Snow, b. 1905, d. 1931
      6. Mary Jane Broadhead, b. 1879 in Lambton – never married – single at her mother’s death in 1924
      7. Amy May Camilla Broadhead, b. 1881 in Lambton. She married Thomas Errol Greaves, married 1906 in Murwillumbah, b. 1883, d. 1957
        1. Claude A Greaves, b. 1917
        2. Mollie Vida Greaves. She married William Beresford Creed, married 1936 in Marrickville, b. 1907, d. 1962
        3. Errol Raymond Greaves, b. 1909, d. 1983. He married Doris Marie Sperring, married 1940 in Marrickville
      8. William James Broadhead, b. 1883 in Lismore, d. 1944 in Ryde – was a General Manager of Norco Butter Factory. He married Elizabeth Bailey, married 1909 in Crookwell, b. 1885, d. 1962
        1. Lionel Keith Broadhead
        2. Ronald William Broadhead, b. 1910 in Lismore, d. 1934
        3. Dixon Benjamin Broadhead, b. 1913, d. 1966. He married Isobel Mary Cook, married 1936 in Penrith, d. 1980
          1. William Dixon Broadhead. He married Margot Hartland, married 1956 in Liverpool
        4. James Ewart Broadhead, b. 1920, d. 1993
    5. George Hicks, b. 05-04-1846 in Para Meadows, d. 1930 in Lismore. He married Catherine Ann Murphy, married 20-05-1880 in Broulee
      1. George Thomas Hicks, b. 1877 in Bega, d. 1948.  may have married Florence Robena Brown
      2. Herbert J Hicks, b. 1878 in Bega, d. 1919 in QLD
      3. Mary Jane Hicks, b. 1880
      4. Charles Joseph Hicks, b. 1882
      5. Catherine A Hicks, b. 1884.  Never Married
      6. Elizabeth A Hicks, b. 1886
      7. William J Hicks, b. 1889
      8. Margaret M Hicks, b. 1892
      9. Albert F Hicks, b. 1894
      10. Ada M Hicks, b. 1895
    6. Deborah Hicks, b. 12-06-1848 in Dapto. She married William Woodford, married ??-??-1871 – teacher at North Bulli School
      1. Jessie Amelia Woodford, b. 1872 in Yass, d. 1884 in Lismore
      2. Margaret Elizabeth Woodford, b. 1873 in Glebe, d. 1946 in Lismore.  Never married
      3. William Arthur Woodford, b. 1876 in Richmond River, d. 9-09-1916 in Armidale Military Camp.  Never married
      4. Edith Louisa Woodford, b. 1878 in Richmond River, d. 22-08-1952 in Byron Bay.  Never married
      5. Clarissa Minnie Woodford, b. 1878 in Richmond River, d. 9-08-1963 in Murwillumbah.  Never married
      6. George Herbert Woodford, b. 1882 in Lismore.  2 children. He married Ethel M Holt, married 1911 in Murwillumbah
      7. Jessie M Woodford, b. 1885 in Lismore.  May have married James Albert Gyemore in QLD 1928/C1537
      8. Ernest R Woodford, b. 1-08-1888 in Lismore, d. 1970 in Murwillumbah.  3 children? He married Margaret Mary May O’Sullivan, married 3-04-1942 in Lismore, d. 1991
    7. James Hicks, b. 22-09-1850 in Dapto, d. 1890 in at home of his brother Charles in Murwillumbah.  “Mr James Hicks aged 59 years, died at his brother’s Murwillumbah residence Mr Chas. (Charles)  Hicks, a well known  contractor in the district, on 26th instant” – Brisbane Courier September 30 1910.  It appears that he never married
    8. Alice Hicks, b. 01-11-1852, d. 07-02-1919 in Bulli. She married William McEwen, married 18-11-1871 in Newcastle
      1. Margaret McEwen, b. 1872 in Newcastle, d. 1959 in Tasmania. She married Richard Spowart, married 1892 in Wollongong, b. 1862 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, d. 1940 in Storey’s Creek, TAS.  Richard: Richard was a retired  mine manager at his death in Storey’s Creek in 1940. Had been Mine Manager at Western Silver-lead Mine, Zeehan, the Tasmania Gold Mine, Beaconsfield, and at the Jubilee Gold Mine, Mathinna, and at the Storeys Creek Tin and Wolfram Mining Co. – continued working into his mid 70’s
        1. William Spowart, b. 1893 in Beaconsfield, TAS, d. 1940 in Launceston, TAS.  also lived in North Lyell in 1915 ? Served in WWI 1915-1919
        2. Jane Ethel Spowart, b. 1894 in Strahan, d. 1938 in Launceston. She married John Francis Xavier Ritchie, b. 1894, d. 1962
        3. Alice Spowart, b. 1898 in Zeehan, d. 1983 in Hobart. She married Norman Cyril Scott, b. 1890, d. 1974
          1. Norman John Scott, b. 1919, d. 1983. He married Marjorie Ethel Cracket
        4. George Spowart, b. 1901 in Zeehan, TAS, d. 1990.  lived in Richmond Victoria in 1940. He married Rose
        5. Minnie Spowart, b. 1904 in Beaconsfield. She married Roy Richard Williams, b. 1902, d. 1947
          1. Richard Spowart Williams, b. 1935, d. 1994 in Ulverstone, TAS
        6. Ada Spowart, b. 1911.  unmarried lived in North Fitzroy Victoria in 1940
      2. Jane McEwen, b. 1873 in Newcastle, d. 1875 in Lambton
      3. William James McEwen, b. 1876 in Lambton.  1William McEwen died 1967 – 12235/1967 in Newtown 
        1. Charles W MacEwan b 1921 in Parramatta (son of Margaret E?) ??
      4. Charles Henry McEwen, b. 1879 in Wollongong, d. 1950 in Perth, WA.  May have been a miner in Coolgardie in 1906 and Kalgoorlie in 1937- military record for WWI 1915-1917 – was a single miner of 39 years old- mother’s address is Thirroul, however, he enlisted from Geraldton and departed from Fremantle – Mapping our ANZACS. He married Mary C Salter, married 1917 in WA reg# 138
      5. Herbert H McEwan, b. 1881 in Wollongong, d. 1920 in Murwillumbah
      6. Jane Alice McEwen, b. 1883 in Woonona d. 10.12.1993 in Mullumbimby buried in Mullumbimby – married Thomas Caldwell Downie (22.03.1875 Woonona – 21.6.1939 Gooengarry ) married in Wollongong 31.1.1903 – Thomas Caldwell Downie was the son of James Downie (a blacksmith in Woonona – who came from Falkirk) and wife Margaret McCann( a millner born in Edinburgh)
        1. Aileen Dora Downie b 18.09.1903 Thirroul
        2. Arthur Caldwell Downie b 16.10. 1906 in Thirroul
        3. Thelma Alice Downie b 30.6.1911 in St Helena Byron Bay
        4. Hector Caldwell Downie b 31.7.1913 in Byron Bay
        5. Olive May Downie b 7.1.1914 in Newstead Byron Bay
        6. Hazel Heather Downie  b 21.11.1923 in Mullumbimby
      7. Marian McEwen, b. 1885 in Woonona
      8. James Hicks McEwen, b. 1889 in Woonona, d. 1962 in Lismore. He married Constance M Evans, married 1915 in Walgett
    9. Mary Jane Hicks, b. 12-02-1855 in Dapto, d. ??-??-1886 in Lismore. She married John Collings, married ??-??-1879 in Campbelltown
      1. Frederick James Collings, b. 1880 in Wollongong, d. 1940 in Kingsford. He married Alice May, married 1906 in Woollahra
        1. Francis James Collings, b. 1906 in Mudgee, d. 1969 in Ryde. He married Roha H Steel, married 1932 in Randwick
        2. Minnie M Collings, b. 1908 in Wallerawang, d. 1973 in Newtown. She married William Robert Clyde, married 1938 in Randwick
          1. Patricia Robyn Clyde, d. 1940 in Annadale
        3. Frederick William Collings, b. 1912 in Wallerawang, d. 1974
      2. John F Collings, b. 1882 in Woonona
      3. Charlotte L Collings, b. 1883 in Woonona. She married Francis J L Robb, married 1910 in Lismore
        1. Dorothy Jeane Robb, b. 1911 in Lismore. She married Eric William Satchell, married 1948 in Hornsby
      4. William T Collings, b. 1886 in Lismore
    10. Charles Hicks, b. 22-06-1857 in Wollongong, d. 1925 in Murwillumbah. He married Christina Cameron, married 1890 in Lismore, b. 1867, d. 1943
      1. Olive A Hicks, b. 1891 in Lismore
      2. Lyle C Hicks, b. 1894 in Lismore
      3. Ewan M C Hicks, b. 1907 in Lismore
    11. Thomas Hicks, b. 22-06-1857 in Wollongong, d. ??-??-1894 in Lismore.  possibly the  Sergeant buried at Richmond Cemetery
    12. Hamilton Herbert Hicks, b. 24-12-1859 in Wollongong, d. 1945 in QLD. He married Eliza Jane Withers, married 18-05-1885 in Lismore
      1. Mabel Hicks, b. 1886 in Lismore. She married William H T Cusack, married 1906 in Murwillumbah
        1. Walter H Cusack, b. 1910 in Lismore
        2. Unname Cusack, b. 1912 in Lismore
      2. Leslie Hicks, b. 1888 in Lismore.  Possibly married Edith A M Gamble in 1919 at Murwillumbah
      3. Alice Hicks, b. 1890 in Lismore.  Possibly married Andrew M Gamble in 1918 at Murwillumbah
      4. Irene Hicks, b. 1892 in Lismore.  Possibly married Frederick A Rogers in 1914 at Casino
      5. Thomas H Hicks, b. 1895 in Lismore
      6. Doris Hicks, b. 1897 in Lismore
      7. Margaret Hicks, b. 1899 in Murwillumbah.  Possibly married Walter R Hardy in 1917 at Murwillumbah
      8. Minnie M Hicks, b. 1902 in Murwillumbah
      9. Sylvia Hicks, b. 1904 in Murwillumbah
    13. Minnie Margaret  Hicks, b. 03-04-1862 in Wollongong, d. 1922 in Hurstville. Married & Died as Minnie M. She married Archibald Blundell, married ??-??-1899 in Woonona, d. 1934 in Kogarah.  Archibald: Archibald possibly died in Kogarah in 1934. Was married to a Kate Thompson with the four children as named above and with Kate as having died in 1898 the year before the 1899 marriage of an Archibald Blundell to Minnie Hicks. Archibald had been born in 1856 at Snenton Nottingham, UK, and married his first wife, Kate Thompson, there in 1883.
      1. Oliver was born in Maclean in 1885 (died 1962 Ryde)
      2. Josephine born in Wollongong in 1890
      3. Winifred born in Wollongong in 1891 (died 1975)
      4. Harry was born in Woonona in 1898, (died 1976), would become a WWI veteran after enlisting in 1918
  3. Ann Hicks, (daughter of Richard (James) Hicks and Margaret Howe) b. 1816.  May have married Thomas Jackson 1845
  4. Thomas White, (son of Thomas White and Margaret Howe) b. 04-12-1818.  May have died 1864 Glebe. He married Frances Smith, married 1848 in Presbyterian, Wollongong
    1. Elizabeth White, b. 11-02-1849.  Mother given as Fenny
    2. James C White
    3. Margaret T White
  5. Elizabeth White, (daughter of Thomas White and Margaret Howe) b. 20-10-1821 in Campbelltown, d. 1878 in Penrith. She married John Herbert, in 1834 (very young ?) in Castlereagh, Penrith, b. 20-09-1797 in Parramatta (son of John Herbert and Deborah H Ellam), d. 9-09-1873 in Castlereagh
    1. John Herbert, b. 1837 in Castlereagh, d. 1866 in Penrith. He married Sarah Fieldhouse, d 1858 in Camden
    2. Mary Herbert, b. 10-12-1838 in Castlereagh, d. 1895 in Blayney. She married her uncle (1) John (George) White, married 27-08-1856 in Richmond, b. 1826 in Wollongong (son of Thomas White and Margaret Howe), d. 1859 in Rylstone.  John: Father id John on BDM. married (2) John Burton, married 1861
      1. Mary Ann White,  b. 1858 in Castlereagh, d. 1859.
      2. George White,  b. 1859
      3. Charles White, (son of John (George) White and Mary Herbert) b. 1860
    3. Deborah Herbert, b. 1842 in Castlereagh, d. 3-10-1921 in Richmond. She married George Henry Steed, married 1863 in Penrith, b. 21-07-1840 in Parramatta, d. 22-08-1931 in Richmond.
      1. George William Stead, b. 1864 in Penrith, d. 5-09-1933 in Albany, WA. He married Matilda Yeldon, married 1886 in Sydney, b. 15-08-1869 in Mt Victoria, d. 1945 in Mount Barker, WA
        1. Florence Matilda C Stead, b. 29-11-1887 in Brewongle, d. 1703-1945 in Plantagenet, WA. She married Leonard Arther Charles Morgan, 1919 in Perth, WA, b. 1884 in Balmain
          1. Geoffrey Stead Morgan, b. 1926 in Beverley, WA, d. in Mandurah, WA.
        2. Herbert George Stead, b. 20-08-1889 in Yass, d. 4-07-1968 in St Kilda, VIC
        3. Ruth Elizabeth Stead, b. 9-08-1891 in Goulbourn, d. in Perth, WA
        4. Elsie Annie Stead, b. 22-01-1894 in Gosford, d. 4-07-1959 in Perth, WA
        5. Frank Arthur Stead, b. 2-03-1896 in North Sydney, d. 2-09-1954 in St Petersburg, Pinellas, Florida, USA.  He married (1) Dorothy Margaret Norrell, b. ??-03-1901 in West Ham, Essex, England, d. Pennsylvania, USA. He married (2) Doris, b. 1903 in England
          1. Unknown Stead,
          2. Jerry A Stead, (son of Frank Arthur Stead and Dorothy Margaret Norrell) b. 15-08-1926 in New Hampshire, USA, d. ??-09-1982 in Batavia, Kane, Illinois, USA
        6. Mary Irene Stead, b. 20-07-1901 in Cottesloe, WA
      2. John Stephen Stead, b. 1865 in Penrith, d. 1990 in Richmond. He married Annie Maybury, 1894 in Windsor
        1. Laura May Stead, b. 1894 in Richmond, d. 1-04-1914
        2. William J Stead, b. 1896
        3. George M Stead, b. 1899
      3. Charlotte Deborah Stead, b. 28-09-1869 in Castlereagh, d. 6-09-1953 in Randwick. She married James Knott, 5-06-1897, b. 1865 in Penrith, d. 26-08-1919 in Richmond
        1. George James Knott, b. 11-02-1898 in Richmond
      4. Thomas Henry Stead, b. 24-01-1872 in Penrith, d. ??-12-1941 in Richmond. He married Alice Jane Pearce, .4-09-1901 in Richmond, b. 1877 in Richmond, d. 1959 in Burwood.
        1. Jack H Stead, b. 1902 in Richmond, d. 20-06-1996 in Penrith. He married Marjorie Eugenie Garton Donnan, b. 26-04-1902 in Gundagai, d. 29-07-1998 in Brisbane, Qld
        2. Vera Phyllis Stead, b. 1-03-1906 in Richmond, d. 1-09-1980 in Umina. She married Stephen Charles Taylor, married 1938 in Richmond, b. 1907 in Swindon, Wiltshire, England, d. 6-05-1988 in Gosford
          1. Janice Taylor, b. 1939
          2. Vera Rae Taylor, b. 1943 in Canberra, ACT, d. 2007 in Gosford
        3. Harry Thomas Stead, b. ??-12-1910 in Richmond, d. 9-08-1970 in Burwood. He married Muriel Farlow, 1935 in Richmond, d. 1997 in NSW
      5. Sarah Ann Stead, b. 1874 in Richmond, d. 17-08-1964. She married Charles Knott, married 1898 in Richmond, b. 1868 in Penrith, d. 9-08-1932 in Richmond
        1. Edith B Knott, b. 26-05-1899 in Richmond, d. 28-02-2008
        2. Hector O Knott, b. 1904 in Richmond
      6. Arthur Edward Stead, b. 1876 in Richmond, d. 1879 in Richmond
      7. Jane Elizabeth Stead, b. 1878 in Richmond, d. 1880 in Richmond
      8. Ada Louise Stead, b. 1880 in Richmond, d. 12-08-1900
      9. Jessie Laura Stead, b. 1882 in Richmond, d. 7-02-1972
      10. Charles Stead, b. 17-11-1867 in Castlereagh, d. 25-06-1947 in Newtown. He married Susan Fielder,  1886 in Sydney
    4. George Herbert, b. 1844 in Castlereagh, d. 1934 in Balmain South. He married Sarah Jane Taylor, married 1878 in Coonabarabran, b. 10-08-1860 in Morpeth, d. 1-09-1905 in Coonabarabran
      1. William John Herbert, b. 1879 in Mudgee, d. 14-12-1969 in Coonabarabran
      2. George Albert Herbert, b. 1880 in Mudgee, d. 1917
      3. Charles Henry Herbert, b. 1882 in Mudgee, d. 1969 in Nyngan. He married (1) Lilie Blanche Beeton, 1910 in Coonabarabran, b. 1889 in Coonabarabran. He married (2) Edith May Kelly, married 1949 in Dubbo
        1. Carlyle Herbert, (son of Charles Henry Herbert and Lilie Blanche Beeton) b. 1911 in Coonabrabran
        2. Constance Herbert, (daughter of Charles Henry Herbert and Lilie Blanche Beeton) b. 9-02-1914 in Coonabarabran, d. 12-07-2001 in Coonabarabran. She married Charles Alfred Keith, married 3-10-1936 in Coonabarabran, b. 28-01-1911 in Hillstone, d. 5-11-1984 in Coonabarabran
          1. Unknown Herbert.  5 children. She married Thomas John Anderson, b. 16-05-1933 in Emungerie, d. 9-12-2008 in Wee Waa
      4. Edwin T Herbert, b. 1886 in Gulgong, d. 16-10-1900 in Coonabarabran
      5. Mary Ann Herbert, b. 1891 in Coonabarabran, d. 1967 in Ryde. She married Unknown?
        1. Gwendoline Herbert. She married Arthur Francis Taylor, married 1955 in Orange, b. 8-10-1923 in Orange, d. 23-06-1989 in Orange.  Arthur: 2 children
      6. Clarence Leslie Herbert, b. 1893 in Coonabarabran, d. 1984. He married Leatha Ford, married 1922 in Gunnedah, b. 16-08-1890 in Narrabri, d. 10-05-1984 in Sydney.  Leatha: 3 children
      7. Francis Richard Herbert, b. 1895 in Coonabarabran, d. 1918 in France WW1
      8. Elizabeth S Herbert, b. 1898 in Coonabarabran, d. 1967 in Coonabarabran. She married James Milligan
      9. Annie Emily May Herbert, b. 1899 in Coonabarabran, d. 1-02-1996. She married Leonard MacKenna, married 1916 in Gilgandra
      10. Emily Isabella Herbert, b. 1902 in Coonabarabran. She married Frank MacDonald, married 1921 in Gunnedah
      11. Lawrence Charles Herbert, b. 1903 in Coonabarabran, d. 1987 in Sydney. He married Elizabeth Bridget Hopkins, married 1950 in Parramatta
      12. Nellie Jane Herbert, b. 1905 in Coonabarabran, d. 1998
    5. Margaret Herbert, b. 1845 in Castlereagh
    6. Thomas Herbert, b. 1848 in Castlereagh
    7. William Herbert, b. 1850 in Castlereagh
    8. Susannah Herbert, b. 1852 in NSW, d. 1880 in Penrith. She married James Stanton, 1872 in Penrith, b. 1841 in Eugowra, d. 1909 in Cargo
      1. Emma Elizabeth Stanton, b. 1873 in Penrith, d. 14-06-1947 in Penrith. She married William Richard Proctor, married 1891 in Penrith, b. 1873 in Sydney, d. 27-04-1947 in Penrith
        1. Cecilia Thelma May Proctor, b. 1910 in Cowra, d. 1989 in Wollongong. She married Mountan Kenneth Eather, married 1930 in Mittagong, b. 26-09-1901 in Richmond, d. 1986 in Kiama
        2. Ada Clare Stanton, b. 26-03-1875 in Penrith, d. 10-05-1967 in Penrith. She married George Henry Hoswell, married 19-04-1885 in Forbes, b. 26-03-1872 in Nepean, d. 16-04-1955 in Forbes.
          1. Clive Henry Hoswell, b. 5-03-1895 in Eugowra, d. 19-11-1987 in Forbes. He married Elsie M Devine, married 1917 in Forbes, b. 1897 in Eugowra, d. 1975 in Forbes
            1. Clive Henry Hoswell, b. 6-02-1919 in Forbes, d. 6-11-1997 in Eugowra
            2. Hazel Hoswell, b. 15-02-1921 in Eugowra, d. 1993 in Eugowra
            3. Unknown Hoswell
            4. Ronald Hoswell, b. 22-11-1925 in Eugowra, d. 2001
            5. James Hoswell, b. 6-09-1927 in Eugowra, d. 19-08-2004 in Eugowra
            6. Unknown Hoswell
          2. William Young Hoswell, b. 1896 in Eugowra, d. 7-06-1917 in WW1 – Messines, Belgium
          3. Gordon Thomas Hoswell, b. 19-05-1899 in Eugowra, d. 4-08-1980 in Forbes.  8 children. He married Blanch Mary Peacock, married 17-03-1926 in Condobolin, b. 13-12-1905 in Coolamon, d. 8-01-1994 in Forbes
          4. Gladys Maude Hoswell, b. 17-06-1900 in Eugowra, d. 23-07-1987 in Orange.  3 children. She married Reuben Joseph Gosper, married 1918 in Forbes, b. 1895
          5. Lachlan John Hoswell, b. 9-07-1902 in Eugowra, d. 29-10-1968 in Forbes. He married Ella Christian, married 1930 in Forbes, b. 1897 in Leichhardt, d. 25-07-1970 in Forbes
          6. Hilton George Hoswell, b. 8-05-1904 in Eugowra, d. 18-12-1974 in Forbes.  5 children. He married Thelma Mary Golding, married 7-06-1942 in Forbes, b. 8-01-1917 in Condobolin, d. 4-06-1989
          7. Mervyn Holt Hoswell, b. 1905 in Eugowra, d. 1905 in Eugowra
          8. Hazel May Hoswell, b. 21-07-1907 in Eugowra, d. 10-07-1996 in Forbes.  4 children. She married Stanley F B Dickinson, b. 23-04-1889 in Grenfell
          9. Roland Hoswell, b. 16-08-1910 in Eugowra, d. 14-12-1984 in Melbourne.  2 children.He married Jean Frances Golding, married 1940 in Forbes, b. 2-02-1919 in Forbes, d. 29-04-1977 in Sydney
          10. Ralph Hoswell, b. 14-07-1913 in Eugowra, d. 16-02-1990 in Bowral. He married (1) Violet H M McGath, married 1935 in Forbes. He married (2) Mary Veronica Kenney, married 8-06-1873 in Bowral, b. 8-12-1917 in Summer Hill, d. 10-12-2005 in Mittagong
        3. Ella Louisa Stanton, b. 1876 in Castlereagh, d. 26-12-1934 in Eugowra. She married James Edwin Hadley, married 1896 in Forbes, b. 1870 in Forbes, d. 1956 in Forbes
  6. John (George) White, (son of Thomas White and Margaret Howe) b. 1826 in Wollongong, d. 1859 in Rylstone.  Father id John on BDM. He married his niece Mary Herbert, married 27-08-1856 in Richmond, b. 10-12-1838 in Castlereagh (daughter of John Herbert and Elizabeth White), d. 1895 in Blayney – note : the children below are already shown above under Mary Herbert as well
    1. Mary Ann White,  b. 1858 in Castlereagh, d. 1859.
    2. George White,  b. 1859
    3. Charles White, (son of John (George) White and Mary Herbert) b. 1860

7 Responses to 2. Margaret Howe’s Family Tree – Hicks and White

  1. Nola says:

    Would just like to make a correction. Jack Herbert Stead son of Thomas Henry Stead died on 18th August 1974 in Brisbane. He was also known as Jack Herbert Williams

    • sharonarudd says:

      Thankyou Nola I have noted the correction in my family tree. There also needs to be a correction made for my great grandfather, George William Stead, born in Penrith in 1864, NSW BDM Registration Number: 13304/1864. George William Stead died in Marrickville, NSW on the 10th December 1953, NSW BDM Registration Number: 29859/1953. He is the true son of George Henr Stead and Deborah Ellam. George married my Great Grandmother Alice Naomi Humphrey. He never married Matilda Yeldon. I’m quite happy to pass on any further family information. Regards Sharon (Nee Stead)

      • sharonarudd says:

        Sorry I pressed enter and realised it should read George William Stead born in Penrith on 19th December 1864 and died in Marrickville on 10th December 1953 is the true son of George Henry Steed/Stead and Deborah Herbert (not Ellam). Not sure how to edit or delete comments at this stage.. Regards Sharon 🙂

      • hi Sharon – thanks for the information – looks like a few changes needed – but that is what I like about having the website – have a go and then if someone else can add or suggest corrections then we all end up learning a bit more. I am interested in the Herbert family also because of the John Herbert connection – he was a companion in crime with one of my non Hicks ancestors ie John Small and they were both transported in the First Fleet rather than hung in England, like a couple of others of their Highwaymen colleagues.

      • sharonarudd says:

        Its ok Kerrie, you have tought me so much about my family, thankyou. And to think I grew up in Penrith surrounded by so much family history and not knowing George Steed/Stead, Deborah Herbert and her parents were my anscestors. I was always told stories about family who sailed to Australia from my Great Aunt Alice, the daughter of George William Stead and Alice Naomi Stead whilst I was growing up. My family and I visited the Castlereagh Cemetery a few days ago and took quite a few photo’s, happy to share.

  2. Julie Keneford says:

    Hi My name is Julie and I am Ida (nee Hicks) and Arthur Webb’ grandaughter, daughter of Fred and Bette Webb. I was interested in finding out some infomation of the reunion on the 8th Nov

  3. Rachel Susan Courtis says:

    I’m so happy to find this online 🙂 Annie Herbert and Leonard McKenna are my great Grandparents. I’m a Victorian.

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