Hicks Howe DNA Discoveries

I’m descended from James Hicks, eldest son of Richard Hicks and Margaret Howe.

I did an Ancestry DNA test in early 2017, and since then I’ve had thousands of matches, including many Hicks – Howe connected. I’ve also uploaded my Ancestry results to MyHeritage and found some more Hicks-Howe matches there as well, but not so many at FamilyTreeDNA as yet.

Just recently I found that I have located DNA matches for descendants of all nine of James Hicks and Margaret Daly-Brain’s children who were known to have had descendants down to current times :

  • Henry Thomas Hicks (my own branch)
  • William Hicks
  • Richard Hicks
  • Anne Hicks (Broadhead)
  • George Hicks
  • Deborah Hicks (Woodford)
  • Alice Hicks (McEwen)
  • Mary Jane Hicks (Collings)
  • Hamilton Herbert Hicks

Note : The other four children of James Hicks and Margaret Daly Brain, viz Thomas and Minnie (Blundell), are not known to have had any children, and I have not been able to find any current generations of descendants for Charles.

There are several matches with descendants of Sarah Mary Herbert nee Hicks, older sister of James Hicks. And I have also spotted a match or two with descendants from the marriage of Margaret Howe (James Hicks’ mother) and Thomas White (James Hicks’ step-father).

I also have a lot of mystery matches that seems to be Hicks – Howe related that I cannot place in a family tree.

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1 Response to Hicks Howe DNA Discoveries

  1. Wayne Leslie says:

    Hi Kerrie,
    Thank you for your most recent post- our son, Nigel, did a DNA test through Ancestry which determined that we had a link to North Western Europe. That would probably be through the ‘Ohlsen’ side, (Doris Hicks nee Ohlsen / Richard Hicks), originally from the old ‘Prussia’ region of Europe. That was along with the Gt Britain / Scottish / Irish links, (from Lyn’s Haggarty ancestry), with a touch of Neanderthal?
    Interesting stuff 🙂

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