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Daryl Adams, great great great grandson of James and Margaret Hicks, started his working life as a Bridge and Wharfing apprentice with the Maritime Services Board. He even survived some of its restructuring during the Greiner era of the 1980-90’s, before moving onto working as a Maintenance Supervisor in local Illawarra High Schools.

Local Government

Quite a number of Hicks family members and their in-laws have been elected to their local council – click here to find out more.

At least two great granddaughters of Henry Thomas Hicks have worked for Wollongong City Council.


At least one great granddaughters of Henry Thomas Hicks has worked for the waterboard.


Edith Florence Hicks married into a railway family – the father of her husband John Charles Joy was on the railways. And her daughter Mary Constance Joy married into the Callcott Railway family – Russ Callcott and his father Alf Callcott were both railway men. In the 21st Century, one of Mary’s great grandsons would work for the NSW Railcorp before the 2012restructuring by the Coalition O’Farrell Government, then leaving to work in Western Australia.

Alf’s Railway Service Records – 1,

Mary’s older brother Kenneth Charles Joy joined the railways after leaving the Navy – and worked there until his unexpected death in 1950.

The Railways were crucial part of opening up not only central western areas of NSW, but also the Illawarra, as access had at one stage been by sea and later by bullock cart etc

In 2013 a proposal to demolish the heritage listed buildings on the south bound platform at Thirroul, seemed to come “out of the blue”. Even the local Ward One Councillors didn’t know about it – so there was a bit of shock out in the local community, especially as many locals have had railway employees across generations in our Hicks family, including father-in-laws and husbands it’s four generations from 1870’s-1912.

The community were only given 3 weeks to put in a submission according to the link above – which was not long. Information on the proposal and the heritage assessment of the building can be found here

For the Thirroul community lobbying about local railway issues is nothing new – some old newspaper stories : – 1873 – 1893 – referring to an earlier article written in 1873 about petition to build the railway – 1908 – 1908 – 1909 – 1914 – 1915

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