04. Daughter – Annie Broadhead (Hicks) – Murwillumbah

Annie Hicks (1843-1924), daughter of James and Margaret Hicks, married Benjamin Broadhead (7.4.1834-1921 – Murwillumbah NSW BDM 19962/1921) in 1864. Benjamin was believed to be born in Bradfield Yorkshire UK, the son of William B Broadhead.

Like the Hicks, Joy, McKenzie and Callcott families, the Broadheads’ are another “old” Thirroul family. Nearly a century later there would be marriage between the Broadhead family and the Woodward family,  (nb the family of former Thirroul ALP Alderman Fred Woodward). But it is not clear that the Hicks and Woodwards are directly related – distantly connected at the most. A suggestion has been that Benjamin was a brother of Samuel Broadhead, father of  William Broadhead and Alfred Broadhead (Scarborough Hotel Publican).

It would appear that neither Annie nor Benjamin Broadhead returned to the Illawarra, Annie died in Murwillumbah in 1924, following Benjamin’s death there in 1921.
Their children are believed to be :

  1. Anna Louisa Broadhead (1865-1942) married Richard Watson (1867-1940)
    1. Clarice Glascot Watson (1887-1931)
    2. Claude Eden Hicks Watson (1889-1965) married Hettie Harlock (1889-1982)
      1. Mavis Constance Watson (1914-1975)
      2. Dean Harlock Watson (1916-2008)
      3. Claude Frederick Watson (1923-1968) – Assistant Director on many high profile British films
  2. Benjamin Harvey Broadhead (1867-1868)
  3. Margaret Minnie Broadhead (1869-1944) married 1901 William George Aked (1876-1958)
    1. William Harvey Aked (1902-1972) married 1956 Victoria Angela Johnston
    2. Keith Alwyn Aked (1905-1996) married Jean Goodwin Hutchins (1906-1978)
  4. Benjamin Harvey Broadhead (1872-1956) married 1915 Doris Muriel May Baker (1895-1981)
    1. Harvey Benjamin Harry Broadhead (1916-1968)
  5. William James Broadhead (1874-1941) married 1909 Lizzie/Elizabeth Bailey (1885-1962). William was very involved in community and business affairs in Murwillumbah, ie being  General Manager of the Norco
    1. Lionel Keith Broadhead
    2. Ronald William Broadhead (1910-1934)
    3. Dixon Benjamin Broadhead (1913-1966) married Isobel Mary Cook (-1980)
      1. William Dixon Broadhead married Margot Hartland
    4. James Ewart Broadhead (1920-1993)
  6. Phoebe Alice Broadhead (1876-1965)  married 1902 Charles Sumner Snow (1873-1929)
    1. Irene May Snow (1903-1972) married Ronald William Clifford (1903-1980)
      1. Wallace A Clifford -1934)
    2. Allan Lemuel Snow (1905-1931)
  7. Mary Jane Broadhead (1879-)
  8. Amy Camilla Broadhead (1881-1959) married 1906 Thomas Errol Greaves (1883-1957)
    1. Claude A Greaves -1917
    2. Mollie Vida Greaves married William Beresford Creed (1907-1962)
    3. Errol Raymond Greaves (1909-1983) married Doris Marie Sperring

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