06. Daughter – Deborah Woodford (Hicks) – Lismore

Deborah Hicks, b. 12-06-1848 in Dapto.  She married William Arthur Woodford, married ??-??-1871 in Wollongong. William Woodford was an early teacher at Austinmer (North Bulli) Public School and used to ride out from Wollongong to North Bulli each week and board with the Hicks Family before returning to Wollongong for the weekend. They moved around from Yass to Glebe to the Richmond River and Lismore, She died in Byron Bay 12.6.1934.  Obituary. He died 21.10.1940 – gravestone

  1. Jessie Amelia Woodford, b. 1872. in Yass died 1884 (NSW BDM 13239/1884) in Lismore
  2. Margaret Elizabeth Woodford, b. 1873. in Glebe died 1946 in Lismore (NSW BDM 10446/1946) – never married – gravestone
  3. William Arthur Woodford, b. 1876. in Richmond River enlisted in Military at Dorrigo and died 9.9.1916 in Armidale Military Camp (NSW BDM 12447/1916) – gravestone  – never married
  4. Edith Louisa Woodford, b. 1878. in Richmond River died 22.8.1952 in Byron Bay (NSW BDM 20109/1952) – never married – gravestone
  5. Clarissa Minnie Woodford, b. 1878. in Richmond River died 9.8.1963 in Murwillumbah (NSW BDM 21805/1963) – also known as Minnie Clarissa – never married – gravestone /
  6. George Herbert Woodford, b. 1882. in Lismore married Ethel H Holt in 1911 (NSW BDM 6273/1911) – didn’t die in NSW  or died after 1960 – had 2 children
  7. Jessie Matilda Woodford, b. 1885 (NSW BDM 32042/1885 in Lismore – never married ?
  8. Ernest Richard  Woodford, b. 1.8.1888. in Lismore married Margaret Mary May O’Sullivan in 3.4.1942 (NSW BDM 14200/1942). He died 1970 in Murwillumbah (NSW BDM 10361/1970) – gravestone – had 3 children ? Wife Margaret died in 1991.

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