Under Construction

James Hicks & Henry Thomas Hicks Snr- Lobbying governments for Bulli Austinmer and Thirroul Schools

Providing of land for Schools – James Hicks – Austinmer – North Bulli

Establishing Schools – Austinmer – James, Henry Thomas Snr and Richard Hicks

1868 Henry Thomas Hicks was appointed to North Austinmer School Board

May 1871 – Opening of North Bulli Public School by Inspector Huffer who arrived by Steamer where Messrs Hicks provided a picnic to celebrate

1889 Opening of Thirroul School – North Illawarra Council Alderman Henry Thomas Hicks JP Snr presided

Provision of boarding accommodation for Teachers at Austinmer and Thirroul Schools – James and Henry Thomas Hicks

Daryl – son of Joan – Support – Maintenance Supervisor in Illawarra High Schools


William Woodford – husband of Deborah Hicks – North Bulli School

Ida Hicks – Bulli 1920’s ?

Julie daughter of Joan – in Hunter area

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