02. Son – William Hicks – Bega Broulee – descendants to Murwillumbah

Acknowledgement – much of the Family History of the William Hicks Branch has been gathered by Marilyn McDonald nee Hicks since the 1980’s.

William Hicks, son of James and Margaret Hicks (Brayne-Brain/Daly)  was born in 1838 (NSW BDM 18382159 162B/1838 – Bathurst Kelso – note father’s name is shown as William but this is only reference for any Hicks born in 1838) and died in Moruya in 1885 (BDM 9610/1885) and buried at Moruya Cemetery. He married Margaret Southam/Jessop in Broulee (1848-1917) in 1868 (NSW BDM 1943/1868). Margaret was from a southern NSW pioneering family – more information – who had been widowed in 1867 after her brief marriage to William Southam, from another southern NSW pioneering family.

In the stories of the starting of Austinmer (then North Bulli) Public School in the mid 1860’s, the central roles of James Hicks, with his two sons,  Henry Thomas and Richard, are described, but the second eldest son, William does not appear, which is surprising. However, it becomes clearer on reading that William seems to have moved down the south coast of NSW, to Broulee, in the mid-late 1860’s and at least by the time of his marriage to Margaret Southam/Jessop in 1868. There is a listing for a William Hicks who was a Saw Mill Proprietor in Tuross in 1867 – and also in 1872 – and William Hicks worked at the Wagonga  saw mill – one such mill had been owned by a Mr Withers in 1882. A brief mention of the accident in the Bega Gazette newspaper of 4 February 1885 – and on 14 February 1885 – an acknowledgement to the person who gave William shelter in Moruya after the accident, in the absence of the long proposed Moruya Cottage Hospital. Another man was killed in an incident several weeks earlier – John Green – more.

“W. Hicks.—We hear that this poor fellow, who was almost smashed in two by having fall upon him a heavy iron frame at Wagonga sawmill, has since died. Recovery was hopeless from the time the unfortunate man met with the accident.”

After the accident William’s widow Margaret and at least one daughter, Annie Isabella Bowman nee Hicks, had moved up to Murwillumbah and established Sunnyside Hospital – which was a dearly loved hospital in Murwillumbah. Many people still talk to me about Matron Bowman. Eventually Sunnyside Hospital closed and the Sunnyside Shopping Mall is now located there. 

Sunnyside Shopping Mall built on the site of Matron Bowman's Sunnyside Hospital.

Sunnyside Shopping Mall built on the site of Matron Bowman’s Sunnyside Hospital in Murwillumbah.

The children, and some of the grandchildren, of William and Margaret are believed to be :

  1. James (NSW BDM 9033/1869)  in 1869 – Broulee – died 1869 Broulee (NSW BDM 3287/1869)
  2. Margaret M (Minnie?)  b (NSW BDM 7949/1870) in 1870 – Broulee – married Edward Mitchell 1887  –  died Gunnedah 1961 (NSW BDM 13051/1961) (nb – often confused with Minnie Margaret Blundell (Hicks)  daughter of James Hicks and Margaret Minnie Cook (Hicks) daughter of Henry Thomas Hicks)
    1. Edward Mitchell born in Bega 1888 (NSW BDM 20867/1888) – died Macksville 1950 ? – married in Bellingen 1913 to Nellie Baker (1887  Grafton – ?)
    2. Doris (Dot) Margaret Mitchell born in Bega 1890 (NSW BDM 6622/1890) died Ashfield 1960 married in Burwood 1918 Cyril Anthony Clement Tyter (1897 Burwood – 1987)
      1. Cyril Anthony Edward Tyter (1920-1985) married in Waverley 1941 Beryl Veronica Ragen
    3. Constance Mitchell born in Bega  1893 (NSW BDM 6646/1893) (died 1950 Croyden Park) married in Burwood 1921 Cyril Herbert  Oldham ( born in New Zealand ?- 1980) -did the Oldham’s separate or divorce as no mention of Cyril in Constance’s death notice even though he was still alive – also he had been charged with assault in 1938 ?
      1. Shirley Margaret Mitchell married in Ashfield 1945  Alan Charles George
    4. William (Comboyne ?) J born in Bega 1895  (NSW BDM 1699/1895)
  3. Alice Eulalie (NSW BDM 8093/1872) in 1872 – Broulee – died 1950 Newtown (NSW BDM 15674/1950) – never married
  4. Florence Eva (NSW BDM 8610/1874) in 1874 – Broulee –  married Francis J Fredericks in Sydney (1876 or 1869 ?-1950) in 1910 (NSW BDM 3570/1910) – died Penrith 1960  (NSW BDM 1514/1960) – note was possibly his 2nd marriage ie possibly previously married to Sarah Gibson mother of Harold so Harold would be Florence’s step son
    1. Harold Milton Fredericks – served in WWI – source: Richmond River Historical Society – Fighting Sons
  5. Joseph Henry (NSW BDM 8896/1875) in 1875 – Broulee – died 1960  Sydney (NSW BDM 18859/1960) – possibly married in Charters Towers 1898  Emma Algar (1874-1956) –
    • following Emma Hicks’ (nee Algar) death in 1956 then did Joseph Henry Hicks finally marry (2) in Sydney 1957 Kate May Young Wah Shang (1889-1970) – who had lived her early years in Sachs St Cairns – Chinatown) – his long term partner ?
    •  (also note that sometimes Joseph Hicks has been known as Henry Joseph Hicks and other times Joseph Henry Hicks)
    • note Joseph’s brother-in-law Caleb James Wah Shang was the most most highly decorated Chinese Australian Soldier in WWI serving in Passchendaehle – in 1917 was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal , the Bar to the DCM in 1918 and Military Medal in 1918
    1. Emma’s child –Muriel Emma Hicks (1899  Charters Towers Queensland – ?) married in Queensland George Albert Shields – Emma’s child
    2. Emma’s child – Vera Hicks (1902 Charters Towers Queensland – ?) married in Queensland Victor Hugh Steele 
    3. Emma’s child – Henry Algar Cahill Hicks (1905 Charters Towers Queensland – ?)
    4. Kate’s child – Henry Joseph Hicks born 1913 in Queensland died 1983 in Queensland – married Edna Booten (1912-1992)
    5. Kate’s child – Albert Jessep Hicks born 1914 in Queensland
    6. Kate’s child -Sydney Hicks born 1917 in Cairns died 1982 in Queensland
  6. Mary J (NSW BDM 10115/1878 ) in 1878 – Broulee
  • 7. Annie Isabella (NSW BDM 10342/1880) in 1880 – Bega – died Murwillumbah 1961 (NSW BDM 5885/1961)- married Alfred Bowman 1904 (NSW BDM 5885/1961)
    1. Gladys B Bowman born 1906
  • 8. William James (NSW BDM 15311/1882) in 1882 – Bega – died 1958 Petersham (NSW BDM 11729/1958) married in 1914 (NSW BDM 2919/1914) Effie Muriel Blow (1890 (NSW BDM 17809/1890) -1968 Newtown (refer NSW BDM 14695/1968)). William was a Military Chaplain. Effie was a cousin of Captain Ernest Blow who led the Waratahs recruitment march from Nowra to Sydney in November – December 1915.
  • 9. Richard J (NSW BDM 18314/1884 ) in 1884 – Bega – died Port Macquarie 1940 (NSW BDM 19542/1940)? – never married

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