09. Daughter – Mary Jane Collings (Hicks) – Lismore

Mary Jane Hicks, b. 12-02-1855 in Para Meadow or Dapto, d. ??-??-1886 in Lismore (NSW BDM 13626/1886).  She married John Collings (believed b 7.2.1838 Pelyent Cornwall – d 30.6.1901 Rookwood) , married 15-04-1879 (NSW BDM 2738/1879)at St Peters Anglican in Campbelltown. He is believed to have remarried Louisa Stevens at Bulli in 1889 – but did she die at Woonona in 1889 ?

Recently a web site was developed by Robyn Bray  and has many, many details of the extended family network  of John Collings – husband of Mary  Jane Hicks – to see the site – click here.

Robyn and her husband would both appear to be descended from Mary Jane & John Collings’ niece Florence Floyd nee Collings – her father was James Collings, brother of John.

  1. Frederick James Collings, b. 1880 (NSW BDM 27514/1880) d. 1940 (NSW BDM 9398/1940).  He married Alice May, married 1906 _NSW BDM 2781/1906).
    1. Francis J Collings  b. 1906 – d. 1969 m Rona Hazel Steele
    2. Minnie M Collings b.1908 –
    3. Frederick William Collings b. 1912 –  d 1974 (NSW BDM 8001/1974) married Dorothy May Bagot (NSW BDM 19651/1937)
  2. John F Collings, b. 1882 (NSW BDM 19695/1882)- d. 1928 Queensland  m. 1913 Queensland Catherine McKenzie
  3. Charlotte L Collings, b. 1883 (NSW BDM 21245/1883).  She married Francis J L Robb, in 1910. Charlotte was also named as her grandmother Margaret Hicks’ heir after her aunt Minnie  Blundell.
    1. Dorothy Jeanne Robb b 1911 Lismore (NSW BDM 29530/1911) married Eric William Satchell in 1948 in Hornsby (NSW BDM 15166/1948)
  4. William Thomas Hicks Collings, b. 1886 (NSW BDM 33265/1886 – d 1932  in Lismore) m 1926 Lyle P Milgate in Lismore (NSW BDM 8823/1926) – was in 7th Light Horse
    1. William Hicks Collings
    2. Francis Richard Hicks “Frank”  Collings
    3. Grant  Hicks Collings

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