05. Son – George Hicks – Lismore

George Hicks, b. 05-04-1846 in Para Meadow – registered in Dapto.  He married Catherine Ann Murphy,  20-05-1880 in Broulee. Catherine was born in 1856 and grew up in in Brandy and Water Creek (in the locality of Figtree – Mount Kembla, south of Wollongong).

George’s brother William was also living in Broulee from the late 1860’s, and then by 1894, George and his family moved to Lismore, like other siblings  Richard, Annie, Deborah, Mary Jane, Charles, Thomas, James Alexander and Hamilton Herbert who had moved north to the Lismore-Byron area.

George Hicks b.1846 - source Charles Hicks

George Hicks b.1846 – source Charles Hicks – compare the likeness with his older brother Henry Thomas Hicks – seen in Thirroul Cricket Team of early 1900’s in front row second from right

  1. George Thomas b 1877 in Bega (NSW BDM 8341/1877) d 1948 married Florence Robena Brown and lived in Murwillumbah
  2. Herbert  J b 1878 in Bega (NSW BDM 9087/1878) died 1919
  3. Mary Jane Hicks, b. 1880 in Bega (NSW BDM 10388/1880) d 1950 married Phil Sebbens (1872-1947)
  4. Charles Joseph Hicks, b. 1882 in Bega (NSW BDM 15434/1882) d 1952 married Ella Frances Stewart (1895-) and Olive Louisa Lange (1901-1988)
  5. Catherine A Hicks, b. 1884 in Bega (NSW BDM 18459/1884) died 1966  in Lismore (NSW BDM 17688/1966) never married.
  6. Elizabeth A Hicks, b. 1886 in Bega (NSW BDM 20023/1886) married George Arkinstall (1883-1960)  in 1908 (NSW BDM 1844/1908) died 1996 in Byron Bay (NSW BDM 23815/1969 )
  7. William J Hicks, b. 1889 in Bega (NSW BDM 19876/1889)
  8. Margaret M Hicks, b. 1892 in Lismore (NSW BDM 19750/1892) died ?
  9. Albert F Hicks, b. 1894 in Ballina (NSW BDM 4497/1894) died 1967 in Lismore (NSW BDM 9677/1967) married Edith Muriel Stewart (1898-1003)
    1. Albert Edwin Hicks (1922-2006).
  10. Ada M Hicks, b. 1895 in Ballina (NSW BDM 30063/1895)  died 1953 in Lismore (NSW BDM 13055/1953) married Arthur Hancock in Sydney in 1922 (NSW BDM 13842/1922)
George & Catherine Hicks 1920's - source Charles Hicks

George & Catherine Hicks 1920’s – source Charles Hicks

1 Response to 05. Son – George Hicks – Lismore

  1. Margaret Anne Felton says:

    Hello. I am the granddaughter of Elizabeth A Hicks who married George Arkinstall in 1908. I noticed that the death year for my grandmother is shown as 1996, but it should be 1969. We were unaware that the Hicks lived in Wollongong for a long time. My husband and I lived in Wollongong about 35 years, before retiring to Bonny Hills, near Port Macquarie – strange coincidences! We would love to know more about George and Catherine, if you have information. We knew Minnie, Kate and Albert, but never met Ada.
    My mother, Eva Arkinstall had the photo of George and Catherine near the car.
    Hope to hear from you,
    Margaret Felton.

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